Security Design and Architecture

Many organizations spend 80% of their security budget on North-South traffic; however, there has been significant increase in East-West traffic volume in your Data Center.
Accounting for more than 80% of all data center traffic, East-West traffic can leave networks largely unprotected if the proper design and implementation leveraging the right security features are not in place.
Our approach is to start with a holistic assessment of your data center and to identify your most pressing security concerns.
Once we learn what your vulnerabilities are, we can recommend the best products to meet your specific needs. And not only that our team can help you with design, implementation and day two operations and support of your security solution.
Micro-segmentation has revolutionized the security in the infrastructure of a Data Center, our team’s experience in working on zero trust environments with full integration of all supported third party services can ensure that audits, regulations and compliance concerns can all be addressed properly.