Solutions and Technology Enablement
Training is a learning process and methodology where people learn skills, concept, attitudes and knowledge to aid in the achievement of goals.
At Hydra 1303 we see training as strategy to enable and empower every person to understand and execute the functions required to maintain, operate, optimize and automate their daily jobs, reflecting directly in the overall achievement of all business requirements and improvement of business processes and technologies.
Hydra 1303 members have deep experience in providing pre-sales and post-sales customized enablement training, having done enablement work with VMware, Cisco, HPE and Brocade in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
Hydra 1303 members have a unique perspective on pre-sales, having been on both sides of the pre-sales cycle, as a client and as a vendor, engaging with clients from entry level to the C-level.
Hydra 1303 leverages its unique pre-sales acumen to deliver fine-tuned messaging to vendor’s internal sales force and partners on how to break down barriers to best position new solutions and technologies to their clients.
Hydra 1303 is proud it and its members have been directly involved with VMware’s NSBU and SABU to successfully stage and launch their highly regarded enablement programs.