Assessments Infrastructure and Personnel

Comprehensive needs analysis: Our team evaluates your current business and assesses your future needs. We consider your budget parameters and design a Data Center Infrastructure, physical and Virtual, to meet the challenges of your business today and tomorrow.
Once designed, our engineers and project managers deploy the design and document a set of standards and procedures with suggested security policies to assure integrity post installation.
With Hydra1303, you can rely on our people, processes, and technology to provide infrastructure services that drive results for your business.
Personnel Assessments: with the new data center technologies and everything that is involved with the deployment of new infrastructures, we realize that often times a new team with new skills has to be built to handle the different tasks required in the environments today.
We can offer skill set assessments, technical assessments and process assessments to ensure that the existing teams and new teams handling the overlay and underlay infrastructure have all the knowledge required.
We can identify the gaps and help build and enable the teams to improve all of the operations, procedures and day 2 operations in the business.